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Our Connection to Livingston County

Since 1991, the Community Foundation for Livingston County, an affiliate fund of the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, has served the area as a permanent community endowment with a mission to enhance both the quality of life and community engagement in Livingston County. Over the years, we’ve helped to create and fund numerous projects of varying causes including education, arts and culture, and community development. Our partnership with the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan has been impactful for our local community, as they provide us with the administrative support, including gift and grant processing, investing and staff support. Our connection to Livingston County runs deep though. It’s not just where we live, it’s where we’re from. It’s our home, and we aim to see it improve and advance into the future with help from our friends, neighbors, and local citizens. Join us to make a lasting legacy in Livingston County, as we work to bring about powerful change for generations to come.

Leave A Legacy

Partnerships for Success

One of our goals, as a community foundation, is to bring people together in our local area and form partnerships that will benefit Livingston County. We partner with various charitable and dynamic organizations whose programs are built to improve lives in our community, and we aid in their mission through endowments from generous donors. If your organization or program has a vision for improving the well-being of those in Livingston County but could use some extra help, consider partnering with us at the Community Foundation.

Make an Impact

Giving to Improve Lives

The Community Foundation accepts generous donations from caring and civic-minded citizens to support our vision of a healthier, more dynamic, and prosperous Livingston County. We deposit the donations into an endowment, and each year a portion of the fund is then carefully invested into community projects and organizations. We also receive bequests from donors who want their giving to continue after they are no longer with us. The Community Foundation exists to carry out their legacies, and we are grateful for their confidence in our system. We believe that the most important responsibility of our Advisory Board, volunteers, and staff is to follow donor intent by ensuring that grants made from each fund meet the original goals of our founders.

Support your community

Sustainable Programs for Lasting Impact

We view sustainability in two ways. First, we want to support projects and ideas tied to a long-term vision. We will look closely at the overall financial health of the applicant or organization, as well as their programmatic and fundraising visions, to better assess sustainability. Second, we look to see that organizations are thinking about sustainability in a more global sense. To us, this means programs, policies, and practices which are sustainable for our environment, our economy, and our residents. We select our grant recipients based on this perspective.

Our Vision

Apply for a Grant

Potential applicants are encouraged to contact the Community Foundation to discuss a proposed project before submitting an application. Speak with a Community Foundation for Livingston County Program Officer at (810) 229-2550.


Together We Can

Join the many others in our mission to continue to improve Livingston County. Fostering growth and ensuring the betterment of your home community and the causes you care for can be your legacy. Click below to learn more.


Building a Better Livingston County

We leverage our resources, expertise, and our relationships to innovate and achieve shared prosperity and equity in the region.

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