Professional Advisors

We can provide support to assist legal, financial, banking, and insurance professionals on how to guide their clients through the gift process and discuss the benefits of an endowment. The Community Foundation will work with you to deepen your knowledge of philanthropy and its benefits within the community. It is our goal to provide business professionals with the necessary tools to help foster growth in Livingston County through charitable giving and endowments. If we can be of assistance to you or your clients, please contact us.

What Are the Financial Benefits of Establishing a Fund?

Interested in the benefits of establishing fund with the Community Foundation of Livingston County? Whether you're establishing a fund for yourself, or for a client, hear from members of our Advisory Board about the many financial benefits of establishing a fund, including significant tax deductions and more.

Foundation Strategic Goals

The Community Foundation's primary goal is to identify and address community needs and opportunities in Livingston County. Additionally, our goal is to attract and manage charitable gifts and use these assets to make prudent grants that will address emerging needs in our community. When choosing grant recipients, we not only ensure the grant is going towards worthy causes within Livingston County but we also comprehensively assess the sustainability and impact of the project or program.


Types of Gifts

The Community Foundation can accept gifts of almost any kind including cash, check, online donation, securities traded on major exchanges, mutual fund shares, fully paid life insurance policies, retirement plan assets, real estate, and more. Reach out to our Advisory Board to learn more about types of funding we accept, and how you can help improve your community.


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