Reaching Higher with The Community Foundation for Livingston County

Purpose Giving

Recently, Frank Mancuso, a Livingston County attorney serving on the advisory board of the Community Foundation for Livingston County, was playing pool with his neighbor, John, one evening.

Chatting about life in general, John started talking about a program he was involved with: Reaching Higher, a student development organization that helps young men and women make positive life choices.

John was raving about the organization. About how it helps kids make good connections, to become more self-confident and to come out of their shell.  John remarked that Reaching Higher is “incredible and amazing.”

While John was talking, Frank was smiling. He remembered when the Community Foundation for Livingston County helped provide start-up funding for Reaching Higher when community leaders wanted to form a local chapter of the nationwide organization.

Frank is proud of the work of the Foundation and wants to get the word out. “The Community Foundation for Livingston County is gaining in awareness,” he said. “But there are still so many people who don’t know that we exist, what we do or that the grants that we make stay strictly within Livingston County.”

Frank recalls some of the Foundation’s other grant recipients:  nonprofits struggling during the first months of COVID, the early literacy program Talking is Teaching, the iconic statue of historian Duane Zemper in downtown Howell, the Cleary University business incubator, New Tech High School, Youth Philanthropy Competition and the Pinckney Orchestra.

“My wife Traci and I have always been involved in the community. I was honored when I was asked to serve on the Foundation board back in 2007 because the Foundation’s work is something I truly believe in.”  I have the privilege of serving on the board with several people that I consider to be leaders in the community while making grants to help improve life for residents in Livingston County.

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