Thousands fed by Salvation Army using Foundation rapid response grant

Purpose Giving

The Community Foundation for Livingston County knew in early spring that its focus for 2020 must be to assist with emerging community needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

The Salvation Army of Livingston County was one of seven county organization to receive a total of $75,000 in “rapid response” grants. According to Development Director April Dertian, the $10,000 it received was immediately used for a very basic need: to provide food for those who need it.

“We began a mobile food pantry, using a food truck we received from Detroit headquarters.”

Working with Livingston County’s Hunger Council, the truck went to a different location every day—apartment complexes, mobile home parks--and fed people. No questions ask.

From March 16th to June 5, using the Community Foundation grant, The Salvation Army provided 7197 individuals with prepared meals from the mobile lunch program.  622 kids and 525 families received 15,181 pounds of pantry food.

The Salvation Army also worked together with Howell Public Schools to provide food for their students when schools buildings were closed.

“The school is not a food delivery service and we were able to help by combining resources,” said April Dertian.

Dertian has kudos for the Hunger Council. “They really stepped up. We were up and running in a week after the shutdown (in March.)”

Food also came from other community organizations like Gleaners and Meals on Wheels, as well as local restaurants that would provide food cooked and ready to serve.

“The $10,000 really got stretched in many directions. We are very grateful that the Community Foundation for Livingston County thought of us. It would have been difficult without that support.”

According to Rick Scofield, Board Chairman of the Community Foundation for Livingston County, “We are fortunate to have had so many contributors over the years to build the Community Foundation for Livingston County. That allowed us to be in a position to provide much-needed financial help to organizations like our local Salvation Army that could not have predicted this crisis.”  

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